What Is Tabletop Showcase?

Tabletop Showcase is a sponsored week of media content focused on a single game chosen exclusively by our members. These are games we're proud and excited to feature.

The members of Tabletop Showcase aim to initially limit these features to twice a year, ensuring that each chosen game is given our focused attention. Over the course of the week, daily content will be released to give you all the insights we can uncover, so you can determine whether the game would be one youd enjoy.

How are Tabletop Showcase games chosen?

Due to the time well be dedicating to the featured game, its important to us that we have a personal interest in the selections we choose. For this reason, games considered for Tabletop Showcase will be ones we unanimously enjoyed.

If we also believe the game has the potential to capture the interest of the broader gaming community, well partner with the publisher to create the content.

How to propose your game to Tabletop Showcase?

If you are an established publisher with an upcoming game that will have a widespread release, you can reach us through our contact page for more information.

Tabletop Showcase Content Creators

Watch It Played

Rodney Smith runs the Youtube series Watch It Played, where viewers are invited to join him at the table to learn how to play a variety of tabletop games. They can then join the hosts as they play through the games with their audience.

Check Out Watch It Played

Board Game Replay

Matt Evans runs the YouTube series Board Game Replay where he and his long time friends will play a tabletop game then invite you to join them for a post-game discussion featuring highlights from the gaming session as they share their experiences.

Check Out Board Game Replay

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Marty Connell and co-host Tony McRee produce Rolling Dice & Taking Names, a podcast dedicated to exploring the board gaming hobby where they review the latest games, interview designers and discuss popular topics. Have a listen and they'll show y'all a good time.

Check Out Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Drive Thru Review

Joel Eddy hosts Drive Thru Review on YouTube in an effort to cover a variety of games, including those that may have flown under the radar, while striving to give the viewer a sense of the relationship between mechanisms, theme and the social environment established by the game.

Check Out Drive Thru Review

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Jamie Keagy joins 8 of his oldest friends to produce a high quality, weekly audio podcast and video series featuring news, reviews and discussion about tabletop gaming of all kinds. Come join The Secret Cabal Gaming family for some irreverent nonsense!

Check Out The Secret Cabal

Pair of Dice Paradise

Chaz Marler hosts the YouTube channel Pair Of Dice Paradise, which discusses various aspects of the tabletop industry, including his favorite component upgrades, latest thrift store finds, and insightful commentary on the hobby itself.

Check out Pair Of Dice Paradise