Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Games guides us through a “let’s play” experience, to get a practical look at game play and discuss strategies that emerge while playing.

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Our Next Showcase: Catan: Starfarers

November 11th through the 15th

The Future Is In The Stars…

With many of the planets in our own solar system inhabited, humanity was looking for new homes beyond our own. We developed the technology to allow us to explore deeper into what appeared to be the empty, unexplored reaches of space. Instead, we found alien civilizations, vast riches, space pirates, and much more, awaiting us!

In this new edition of Catan Starfarers, 3-4 players will navigate their way through uncharted planets, in the search of new areas to colonize, resources to collect and lucrative outposts to trade with. Each player is competing for the title of Ambassador to the Galactic Council, a position never afforded to humans before, and only by leaving your home planet far behind, can you attempt to rise to this challenge.

With a full production overhaul, players of the previous edition will find several practical changes to the presentation, along with subtle design adjustments to streamline the game play experience.